We felt that spring was the perfect season to release our new project, this new showcase in which to show you our work.

It is so related to what we do,...there is light, color, renewal, illusion, life, nature, most of the concepts and elements on which our jewelry is based.

But spring is more, much more. It also has its history and its little secrets and here we reveal some of them.

-The first one is easy, although it has its surprises:

Spring is a season of the year that astronomically begins at the vernal equinox and ends with the summer solstice. Its dates vary according to the terrestrial hemispheres.

While in Europe we celebrate spring, Australia welcomes autumn.

Other places like Japan do not welcome spring until their famous cherry blossom blooms.

-Where does the name Spring (primavera) come from?

The word spring,"primavera",comes from the Latin word prima (first) and vera (summer-green).

After the Golden Age, they began to call the beginning of the warm season before summer "primo vere", and from there derived our current "primavera".

- Yes, it's a season we love, but not everyone can enjoy it.

In half of the planet there is no spring.

In areas close to the equator there are no seasons, the weather is more or less the same throughout the year. There is only a distinction between dry season and wet season.

-Oh, ¡¡¡¡no!!!!, allergies are already here.

That may be, but it's a half-truth.

Despite popular belief, spring is not the beginning of the pollen season. In fact, some types of pollen begin to be released as early as January.

- What gemstones are typical of this season?

Although we believe that it is always the gem that chooses its owner and that the beauty of gemstones is timeless, certain gemstones can be connected to the seasons.

The spring birthstones are:


Evokes the crystal clear and renewed waters of seas and rivers.


An expression of light and brilliance after the dark winter.


Vibrant green as a symbol of renewal.

-And finally, did you know that...?

It is the season when birds sing the most.

In spring we will be able to see up to four planets with the naked eye (Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn)

The first flowers to bloom during spring are lilacs, dragons mouth, carnations, lilies, tulips, daffodils and dandelions.

The beginning of spring is the time of year when the days get longer most quickly: about 3 minutes a day.

In addition, it is the season where we apply the famous summer time.

It is the season that has provided the most and the best inspiration to artists: poets, painters, musicians.... All the arts are enriched at this time of the year.

¡¡¡¡¡¡Welcome  spring!!!!!!

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