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Nature Whispers is a small handicraft workshop created in 1992. It was during this decade that, thanks to family and friends, we discovered the Aragonese Pyrenees. The beauty of the landscape, its grandeur, its life, its chaotic order, its balance and symmetries fascinated us.

Led by this inspiration, we started to study some projects that would use existing elements in nature for decoration and beauty. From these proposals, our line of handcrafted jewellery was born.

By integrating seeds, fruits and dried flowers, with precious and semi-precious stones, we design small natural treasures that you can use, display, share and enjoy. Its original composition combined with noble metals result in a collection of unique and exclusive pieces. 

We hope that this experience is as positive and enjoyable for you as it is for us to design and create them.

Thank you for your time.

Our fascination and respect for nature keep us from exploiting it in any form. We only use official distributors that have clear policies of respect towards human being, nature and environment. 

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