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Boho necklace with rose quartz,...
Boho necklace with rose quartz,...
Boho necklace with rose quartz,...
Boho necklace with rose quartz,...
Boho necklace with rose quartz,...
Boho necklace with rose quartz,...
Boho necklace with rose quartz,...
Boho necklace with rose quartz,...
Boho necklace with rose quartz,...
Boho necklace with rose quartz,...

Boho necklace with rose quartz, silver and exotic seed

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Botanical necklace and pendant in sterling silver.

Natural jewelry made with a rose quartz sphere and marbled mucuna seed.

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Botanical, eco-friendly and unique new boho necklace and pendant made with natural rose quartz sphere, natural marbled Mucuna seed and sterling silver.

CLICK HERE, I leave you a short YouTube video if you want to see it in motion.


Such special jewelry can only be made with love, and of course..... also with very unique materials.

Here you have some curiosities about this necklace and about the natural and unique materials with which it is made:


  • Seeds are a symbol of existence, blossoming and hope. 
  • There is something mystical about them, something related to life and rebirth. 
  • I love working with natural seeds.
  • The colors and patterns of the marbled mucuna are beautiful and surprising, they seem to change with the passing of the days, the light and the seasons.
  • I have relied on the amazing exotic beauty of this seed to make this unique jewel.
  • In the center of the seed a precious rose quartz sphere surrounded by a silver ring, dyed in gold color, gives life to the whole pendant.
  • The result is this cheerful, elegant and easy to wear jewel. A light jewel with a clear bohemian yet modern style and as absolutely natural as your style.


  • Traditionally, rose quartz can be qualified as the most energetic quartz, having the greatest impact on everything related to the emotional. 
  • Rose quartz is considered the stone of love and is widely used in magical rituals related to love.


  • Is one of the more than 100 existing species of mucuna. They are resistant seeds that have strong and robust structures.
  • They have the peculiarity of floating on water, which allows them to use rivers and lakes to move.
  • According to popular beliefs, they are considered as a real amulet that brings good luck and fortune.

You can find more information and curiosities about these materials in the tabs “ROSE QUARTZ curiosities” and “MUCUNA curiosities”.

In the "Product details" tab you can consult the measurements and more technical data of this jewel.


This is a unique jewel, handmade in my workshop reusing botanical materials, with lots of love and absolute respect for nature.

There is only one piece available and it is the one you are seeing in the pictures.


As it is a handmade work, the measurements are approximate and there may be millimetric variations.

The fact of being handmade jewelry also allows us to change some of the settings.

If you want to make any variation in the necklace size or want a more specific and personal combination, please contact us. 

We will be happy to create something unique for you.


You will receive your necklace in a carefully elaborated packaging designed especially for it, and for you.

Exceptional pieces require an equally exceptional packaging.

And if you order is a gift, you can tell us your special dedication and we will include it in the gift wrapped packaging.


Thank you for your visit, we hope you enjoy it.

All our jewelry is 100% handmade
Very lightweight
Precious metal
Sterling silver
Natural element
Marbled Mucuna seed
Pink quartz
Precious stone measures
Sphere 0.39in (10 mm) diameter
Standard Collar Length
20 in (50 cm) approx.
Pendant Size
Diameter: 1.2in (3 cm) approx.
Bolt ring closed


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ROSE QUARTZ curiosities


MUCUNA curiosities

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