Zodiac mismatched earrings with...
Zodiac mismatched earrings with...
Zodiac mismatched earrings with...
Zodiac mismatched earrings with...
Zodiac mismatched earrings with...
Zodiac mismatched earrings with...
Zodiac mismatched earrings with...
Zodiac mismatched earrings with...
Zodiac mismatched earrings with...
Zodiac mismatched earrings with...

Zodiac mismatched earrings with Cancer horoscope

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Botanical earrings zodiac sign Cancer.

Natural jewelry made with white zirconia, mucuna seed and silver.

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Cancer sign mismatched silver earrings, Cancer zodiac earrings with white zirconia, natural Mucuna seeds and Cancer zodiac sign engraved in sterling silver. 

For these Cancer zodiac earrings, the mucuna seed in combination with a white zirconia is the most sensitive and intuitive combination.

The white zirconia and its spectacular lunar glow accompany Cancer in this delicate and beautiful composition.

CLICK HERE, we leave you a very short YouTube video in case you want to see them in motion.


Such special jewelry can only be made with love, and of course..... also with very unique materials.

Here you have some curiosities about Cancer and about the natural materials with which the earrings are made:


  • Cubic zirconia has been linked with access to greater knowledge, facilitating greater wisdom and even greater spiritual enlightenment.
  • It is associated with purity of feelings and emotions.
  • Given its association to diamond, it is also conferred with enriching properties and helpful to succeed in business.


  • This seed comes from a climbing, perennial and vigorous plant that grows in humid soils and on the banks of rivers and lakes. 
  • According to popular beliefs, it is considered to be the bearer of fortune and good luck.


Sign from June 21 to July 22 

Some characteristics of Cancer:

  • Intuitive - Sensitive - Meticulous
  • High emotional intelligence - Dedicated 
  • Sense of humor - Strong
  • Empathic - Romantic - Attractive - Loyal 
  • Supportive - Family oriented - Respectful 

Cancer has a greater affinity with the signs: 

  • Scorpio
  • Sagittarius
  • Leo


More information and curiosities about these materials in the tabs " ZIRCONIA curiosities" and " MUCUNA curiosities".

You have the measurements and more technical data in the tab "Product details".


This is a unique jewel, created by hand in my workshop reusing botanical materials, with love and respect for nature.

There is only one piece available and it is the one you are seeing in the pictures.

As it is a handmade work, the measurements are approximate and there may be millimetric variations. 

On the other hand, the fact of being handmade jewelry also allows us to change some of the settings.

If you want to make any variation or want a more specific and personal combination, please contact us.

We will be happy to create something unique for you.


You will receive your earrings in a carefully crafted packaging designed especially for it, and for you. 

Exceptional pieces require exceptional packaging.

If the jewelry is to be given as a gift, you can tell us your special dedication and we will include it in the gift-wrapped packaging.


Thank you for your visit, we hope you enjoy it.

All our jewelry is 100% handmade
Earrings length
0.63in approx. (1,6 cm)
Earring width
0.39in (1 cm) approx.
Very lightweight
Precious metal
Sterling silver
Natural element
Mucuna black seed
White cubic zirconia
Precious stone measures
0.15 in (4 mm)
Zodiac sign size
0.20 in (5 mm)
Butterfly pressure


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Delivery time: 5 to 12 business days.

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All our shipments have a tracking number, provided by the shipping agency, of which we always inform you.

This makes it easy to know, almost instantly, where your order is and when you will receive it.

They also include an insurance that protects your purchase in case of loss or misplacement by the carrier, ensuring the refund of the amount if any of these circumstances occur.


ZIRCONIA curiosities


MUCUNA curiosities

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